3-Alarm Apartment Fire in Duquesne w/Mayday

Today, around 1100 hours, units were dispatch to the Duquesne Place Apartments in Duquesne for a reported kitchen fire in an apartment building. Units arrived on scene to find heavy fire in an apartment endangering multiple other units and upgraded to a second and later third alarm, adding 137 Rescue as an additional RIT team.

137 Rescue responded immediately with a full RIT crew, followed shortly by 137 Engine with an additional crew. Crews quickly began RIT operations on the Charlie side following multiple evacuations due to water supply issues. Crews completed exterior operations as well as interior firefighting operations. About 2-hours into the incident, an additional evacuation was called and command was alerted to a possible firefighter trapped on the first floor, which initiated a Mayday and RIT activation.

278 RIT activated from side Alpha and 137 RIT activated from side Charlie. Both teams worked quickly to search all apartments on the first floor despite heavy smoke and fire conditions. All apartments were searched with negative results, and a PAR check was completed confirming all firefighters were out of the building. The Mayday was cleared. Edgewood crews remained on scene working for about 6 hours. No Edgewood firefighters were injured in the incident.

Photo Credit: First Due Photography

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