4-Alarm Apartment Fire in Swissvale

Today, around 1330 hours, Station 137 was dispatched for a reported apartment fire in Swissvale. 278 Engine arrived on scene around the corner from their station, finding light smoke showing from side A. 137 Engine laid into 278 Engine, and lines were pulled from 278.

137 crews split, with half going to the roof to help vent with 278 Truck, and half making entry to perform a primary search and locate the fire. During this time, heavy fire was located that began running throughout the walls, intensifying very quickly. A second alarm was transmitted, bringing additional manpower to the scene. Shortly thereafter, a third alarm was sounded.

Multiple lines were stretched throughout the second and third division, while crews worked tirelessly to fight the fire. During operations, as fire began to blow through the roof, crews were instructed to evacuate until exterior crews and aerials could push the fire back. 137 crews reentered to locate hot spots in the ceilings and walls.

During the incident, 283 and 203 were added to the assignment above the third alarm for manpower. In addition, Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire sent a Mobile Air truck (MAC 1) to the scene. The incident took 2.5 hours to get under control, and crews were on scene for over 4 hours. According to news crews, 16 people were displaced and are being assisted by The Red Cross and 2 firefighters were injured at the fire. For more information, please visit the links below.




Responding companies: 278, 137, 207, 171, 292, 293, 161, 221, 153, 194, 283, 203, PBF MAC 1.

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Photo credit: Michael Lowes


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